Main objective

   The main objective is to provide specialized assistance and support to families who have limited opportunities and access to services. Most of the difficulties are daily wants or financial needs. Often the families have difficulties in providing health and educational needs, problems with public attitudes and the lack of an accessible environment for their children. For some of them, the home visit is the only way to use social services especially in winter.

   The parents are involved as partners in the work with the child and that gives much greater effectiveness of the professional’s work. The planning of services is carried out jointly and the activities are conformabled to the needs of family support. The parents receive comprehensive information on everything that relates to their child and every new activity is discussed and coordinated in advance with them. All the time they participate with the belief that they are leading the process of providing specialized support and that they have the most significant role in the results. The building of such a belief in them leads to strengthening their parenting skills. They increase their confidence in their ability to take care of their children and to manage their own lives.

   In addition to identifying the needs of their children, the parents should be involved in setting their own priorities, the need of support, existing strengths and resources for prevention or management of the risk to the child.