Support for the school process

   The main objective is to improve the access to education and training of children and pupils with special educational needs in schools in Ruse. We plan to provide a set of services for children, parents and teachers focused on:

  • Facilitating adaptation and socialization of children with special educational needs in mainstream schools;
  • Individual support in accordance with the specific needs of the children;
  • Prevention of the deviant behavior by children and school dropout;
  • Support of the needs of children with developmental problems, antisocial behavior and risk of dropping out of school in terms of creating a multidisciplinary team of specialists – occupational therapists, physical therapists and educators.


  • Support of the educational process for children with special educational needs (SEN) in the mainstream schools by means of the methods of occupational therapy;
  • Work with children with SEN and their peers through the creation and functioning of clubs for interests.